The Way Of Life Edit

1.Difficult Life

2.Prison Walls

3.Two Worlds Collide

4.Double Crosser


6.My Reflection

7.Flying High

8.A Tribute To Life

The World Edit

1.The Way Things Used To Be

2.Be Who You Wanna Be, Not Who You Have To Be

3.The World Is Coming To An End

4.The Human Race

5.It Needs To Stop

6.The Family Fued

7.We've Come So Far

8.As Time Goes By


10.No One Cares Anymore

11.A Tribute To The World

The Way To HeavenEdit

1.Steal The Show

2.Angels Come Crashing Down

3.Second Coming

4.The Economy

5.Two Worlds Collide (New and Rewritten)

6.How It All Goes Down

7.Is There Anybody Listening


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